EA Download Manager

Electronic Arts Inc - (Freeware)

EA Download Manager is a very simple application that is developed for downloading and managing games and related content.

EA Download Manager is an application which allows you to manage and accelerate download of the games and related applications or content. It gives the user the ability to make fast download files and entire web sites.

It accelerates the download using the full bandwidth of the connection when user downloads content from a slow site. In addition, EA Download Manager easily integrates with Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape browsers and antivirus.

EA Download Manager
File Size:
18.9 MB
Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64
Date Added:
21 Mar 2011
Electronic Arts Inc
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# Features
* Plugin API extensions
* Hungarian translation update

# Bugs
* Fixed diagonal desktop icon bug
* Fixed Taskbar Pager crash when changing the desktop count
* Fixed appearance of Taskbar Pager on Aero Basic
* Contextual menus in the Taskbar Pager didn't work when running Dexpot as admin
* Fixed wallpaper flashing when switching with Dexcube
* "Hide desktop icons" tool stopped working after a wallpaper change on Vista/7
* Desktop switching using the forward/backward mouse buttons didn't work when running Dexpot as admin
* Esc correctly cancels DexTab
* Fixed positioning of fullscreen preview live windows with certain desktop counts
* Improved compatibility with KeePass
* Desktop Manager no longer restores position on double-click when "Lock position" is enabled


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