Total Commander 8.51 beta 3

Christian Ghisler - (Shareware)

Total Commander offers an alternative to the Windows Explorer offering many useful and interesting features that makes it more preferred among the users.

Total Commander is a reference when it comes to management of the files and / folders.

Acting like a file browser, it can quite make the presentation and management of windows. The application includes many features such as copy, move, rename, drag and drop, delete (to trash or permanently) files or folders, connect to FTP servers, direct access to Network Neighborhood, and more. It is also possible to share a large file into several small to gather thereafter filer can handle RAR, ZIP or ACE, for example formats, is also present.

Total Commander can include limiting the transfer speed to avoid overloading your hard drive.

The dual display panel allows user to view two different directories , a benefit that is immediately captures the interest , including copying files .

The software also includes advanced features very valuable as the ability to synchronize two directories , search for duplicates , browsing in the archives (and with many formats unlike Windows that supports the ZIP standard) or the integration of a FTP manager . Plug- ins can be added, as OOSimple Viewer a viewer for the Apache OpenOffice .

Total Commander 8.51 beta 3
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3.5 MB
Windows (All Versions)
Date Added:
13 Mar 2014
Christian Ghisler
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- Added: New internal command OPENLANGUAGEFILE WCMD_xyz.LNG to open specific LNG/MNU file pair from "language" subdir. Leave out parameter for internal language. Will not be added to .inc (32/64)
- Added: Changed default value of UploadBlockSize to 1, meaning dynamic from 512 to 32768 bytes. First adjustment after 128k (32/64)
- Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AlignNumberFix=0 turns off alignment of size/date/time with Uniscribe (32/64)
- Fixed: Find files, feed to listbox, delete files: The footer was still showing the number of selected files (64)
- Fixed: FTP upload file (F5): If user enters name with subdir, e.g. dir/newname, no check for existing files was done (32/64)
- Added: FTP rename file (Shift+F6): Show overwrite confirmation dialog if target exists (32/64)
- Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Regular expressions not working in content compare filter dialog (32/64)
- Fixed: Windows 8.x: Segoe UI font had different spaced numbers, size and date/time fields looked very ugly -> use Uniscribe to display them (32/64)
- Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CtrlArrowOpenArchive=5: Controls whether Ctrl+Left/Right arrow opens archives or not: 0=never, 1=if ENTER opens archive, 2=if ZIPlikeDirectory=1, 3=always. Add 4 to put cursor on file if not opened. Does not affect search - feed to listbox mode (32/64)


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